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Betrayal & Other Family Matters
A book that follows starts with a Marines experiences in Afghanistan. Available as an eBook at Click here to purchase.
Redemption & Other Family Matters
A sequel to Betrayal, following the adventures of the Lohrans through the explosion of a bomb at Just4Kids and the abduction of one of the team. Available as an eBook at Click  here  purchase.

 Another Murder Matters
A sequel to Betrayal, Bennie's friend comes back from Afghanistan with problems that the team needs to at least ameliorate. Available as an ebook at Click here to purchase.
Survival Matters
How can Ben, thus far the leader, help defeat evil when disabled and even has problems communicating with the team. Download the ebook from Click here to purchase.

Filling the Gap
Joy is kidnapped. Organizations often not mentioned are called on to find her and others that are lost. Download the ebook from Click here to purchase.
The Day the Wind Stopped Blowing

A book about the hope for the future, its youth. And how one man saved a portion of what we have by investing in those youth. Click here to purchase for your kindle.


So what if I don't have a Kindle?

Check for applications to use with other devices like an iPhone, iPad, android smart phone, PC running Windows, or Mac. Even though Liz has and loves the Kindle Fire,
I have a Samsung tablet and an early model Kindle that I use daily. For publishing, I use an application on my Linux called "
Calibre" which is also available on Windows and which can be used save and view ebooks.



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